Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pick Your Own: Strawberry Festival

I went to Linvilla Orchard yesterday to enjoy the Strawberry Festival that was absolutely great! Pregnancy must be in season right along with the strawberries, because I saw plenty of fellow mama's to be out in the fields picking strawberries for our growing babies. Picking strawberries was fun but oh boy was it a workout. Bending with your knees everytime I wanted to go through the patches to pick juicy ripe red strawberries. I picked 10lbs, so you can imagine how many reps of squats I did yesterday. My midwife would be so proud. There was also plenty of children out helping along with their families too. There was also activities for the children who didn't pick which kept everyone busy. The farmers market had tons of tastes treats from the field that was fresh and reasonable too. Picking your own strawberries are much healthier than store-bought. Consumer reports says store bought strawberries have so many pesticide and fungicide residues on them, that they don't recommend you eat them! So it helps to not only help with the process of picking but you are also avoiding the consumption of large amounts of pesticides and fungicides that has an effect on you, your baby, and your family. Not to mention its nothing like picking your own fruits and vegtables and then coming home to prepare a meal that your own hands had a part of bringing home. Kids could appreciate that too! Try to visit your local pick your own in your area while the seasons for pickings is really just starting. Some produce can be pick all the way to October.

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